Kacper Kuryllo. PhD, CEO

Kacper is a PhD trained scientist with expertise in microbial genetics and metabolic processes. As a self-taught developer whom has written software since a child, he was instrumental in the early development of Emergence, including the proprietary engines and gene hierarchies.  During his PhD he studied how organisms can turn genes on or off to better adapt to their environments, and developed computational models to study these process.  With his combination of expertise in software design and genetic modeling, Kacper has been crucial in development of the evolutionary simulation and graphics engines underlying emergence.  As a lifelong gamer, he also contributes to the development of game-play, design and structure.

Geordie Stewart. PhD, COO

Geordie trained as a PhD researcher, with a focus on antibiotic resistance, microbial genetics and modeling population growth. He is also currently completing his MBA at the Degroote School of Business where he specializes in the Management of Innovation and new Technology.  Geordie also works closely as an analyst with Innovation Factory, the Regional Innovation Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, where he helps startups and SME’s build their capacity to grow their businesses. In addition to contributing to the development of gameplay, design and structure, Geordie provides operational and financial oversight for Digital Diatom. As an accomplished musician and composer, Geordie serves as the musical/audio director on Emergence.

Tea Lulic. MSc, Director of Social Media

Tea is a PhD student specializing in neuroscience at University of Waterloo. Prior to pursuing her PhD, she completed a Masters degree from University of Waterloo with a focus on neuromechanics. She has experience in research promotion, knowledge translation and website design. Tea is passionate about science and evolution and you will readily find her indulging in books, such as “The Magic of Reality”. She serves as a Social Media Director for the Digital Diatom.

Bobbijo Sawchyn. MSc, Writer, Editor

Bobbi obtained her undergraduate and Master's degrees from McMaster University, both specializing in Genetics with a particular interest in microbial organisms. After completing her studies, she continued to gain experience in the not-for-profit and academic industries. With over five years combined at the Chemical Institute of Canada and Mohawk College, Bobbi has been directly involved in report writing and strategic communications. With a strong passion for technical writing, Bobbi serves as the Writer/Editor for Digital Diatom.