Are we still fighting the theory of evolution?

You’ve heard the term. You may have had to study it briefly in high school. But why should we care?

Evolution is arguably our most profound biological process. Yet, on a day to day basis, we don’t always stop to think about its implications:

  • The cost to our health care system. How many dollars have been spent toward developing and administering ever-changing vaccines as viruses continue to transform at alarming rates?
  • The rise of ‘superbugs.’ Microorganisms, harmful or benign, are no longer responding to the antibiotics or treatments we take. Bacteria are now mutating faster than we can keep up with!
  • ‘Survival of the fittest’ at our dining room tables. The brightly colored fruit and tasty vegetables on our plates come from generations of farmers carefully choosing their strongest crops as the base for their following year.

These are only three of the many examples, but also highlight some of the issues we’re facing today.

The education of evolution is at a critical point. We have problems that need solutions. And right now, we’re relying  information in our classrooms to inform our future generations. Generations that will assist in global issues such as effective drug design, pesticide control, and adaptation to climate change.

Without learning about our past, how can we help fight issues of the future? Digital Diatom’s new product Emergence plans to allow you to experience the theory of evolution yourself. Stay tuned – the team is now preparing for its early release.

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