Digital Diatom is a media design firm specializing in high content, science-based simulation and video game development. Our flagship product, Emergence is an evolution simulation that models the process of evolution using realistic genetic elements that accurately capture how genes drive the diversity of life. Its unique architecture enables a comprehensive simulation of evolution without requiring extensive computer processing power. As such, Emergence is accessible to nearly everyone, from young students, to researchers, to gamers and everyone in between. With dozens of modes of interaction and a fully expansive world that is able to host up to hundreds of thousands of unique organisms, Emergence is a platform for education, exploration and entertainment.

Gene Base Evolution

Our evolution simulation features fully genetics based evolution

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Dynamic World

Organisms evolve within a living dynamic world

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Lots of Organisms

100,000s of simultaneously active organisms

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The Platypus: Half Mammal Half Reptile?

The platypus: for most of us, it is one of those quirky creatures from Australia that one day we hope to see. From an evolutionary standpoint, however, the platypus is fascinating.

An animal that produces milk for its young, yet at the same time lays eggs? A cute, furry, webbed-footed creature that can also release venom so strong modern-day painkillers are useless to affected humans? Rumor has it that at first glance, it was so bizarre that the animal wasn’t even believed to be real, but a mish-mash of others that were assembled together.

And rightly so: When studying the animal kingdom in school, mammals were completely distinct from reptiles. However, the platypus seems to be a unique combination of both.

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Sulfur Bacteria: Defying or Supporting Evolution?

In early 2015, scientists found a type of deep-sea bacteria off the coast of Australia that haven’t shown evidence of change in approximately 2.3 billion (yes, billion) years. This threw some people for a loop.

When we’re taught to believe that organisms are constantly changing within their environments, how could this be possible? Doesn’t this defy everything we’ve learned about evolution?

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Digital Diatom, Inc. is Awarded $30,000 from the OCE SmartStart Seed Fund

Digital Diatom is excited to announce that we have received funding from OCE’s SmartStart Seed Fund for development and enhancement of our flagship product, Emergence. This will assist us in taking Emergence from its alpha version to beta launch, and facilitating numerous technological enhancements of the product.  We will largely be focussing on sound, interface enhancement and the writing of many new genes to enhance biological diversity within the simulation. Currently, our team is busy working on minor changes to the Emergence and getting ready for closed alpha testing. The feedback generated from testing will be used to modify and enhance user experience in preparation for a round of public alpha access.

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